Circus 4 Change

Circus 4 Change

Dear Hiccup Circus Uganda friend,
It is an honour to work closely with youth and together build on their legacies of innovation and impact in the field of communication for change. Our experience and passion for education will continue to support HCU mission to improve lives using the power of Entertainment-Education and creative communications.   Across the globe, in Africa and in Uganda, the challenges we face require more than technical solutions — they demand learning, shifts in mindsets, and meaningful cultural transformations:
Climate change is beginning to impact how we live in ways we are only starting to experience and understand.
New and old diseases underscore the need for better sanitation practices, health literacy, nutrition, and awareness of the health impacts of human activities.
Patterns of economic and social inequity and instability continue to be replicated when youth, women and disabled people are denied access to basic human rights.
Our human family is in need of more stories that inspire us all to learn new things and live differently, to act in ways that create a better world than the one in which we currently live.

HCU will continue to midwife the narratives that inspire to better the world, respecting the humanity and agency of individuals and communities. We will continue to embrace the adage that we will only go far if we go together, understanding that as we move into this new decade, more and deeper partnerships are essential. Under our will, we will seek out and amplify narratives to create spaces of aspiration, hope, dialogue, and action.

But why an edu-entertainment social circus like us works.

A team sport that is not competitive

Structuring each step as a plateau for further achievement

Providing self-esteem for those struggling academically

Bringing outsiders in

It’s a “sanctuary” in which neglected people are celebrated for their gifts

It restores and enriches the social fabric

Difficult, therefore teaching good work habits

Authentic in a world becoming ever more ‘virtual’

It fully captivates and engages any audience

Performances provide a different way to explore crosscutting social issues

Makes education amazing for students, teachers and communities




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