The aim is to introduce Circus in Uganda using performances as an alternative pedagogical tool to work with communities, youth and  children who are marginalized  or at  social risk.


HCU make available an informal and creative instrument that allows beneficiaries to develop motivation, confidence and efficiency. HCU offer to its audience the abilities to navigate this increasingly complex world making performances and training as a medium in fostering the types of values that will  lead to an inclusive growth, and a peaceful  living  together. To increase awareness, sensitization and adoption of sound practices through an appealing edutainment, informative and cultural arts approach.


A circus show can act as a “key” to catch curiosity and as a “flexible container” of meanings able to adapt to any particular need by tackling social messages about Inclusion, WASH, Road Safety, SRHR/Gender, Addiction, Environmental Protection – Climate Change – Waste Management, HIV/AIDS – Immunizations, School Drop Out, Youth Disability, Peace – Reconciliation – Communities Rights, Blood Donation, Oral  Hygiene  and  many  more.


The show and its production combine juggling, drama, puppetry, ground and aerial acrobatics, clowning, fire-spitting, dance and music. It allows unprivileged, at-risk youth from slums to use their marginality to express themselves and establish a new relationship with the society that has often excluded them. Read more…


HCU has a Social Circus infotainment oriented performance. A free live show with two souls where there are serious and fun moments with exciting stories of hope and change seeking to raise society’s awareness and promote education… a vehicle for reflection, action and,  most importantly, transformation. Read more…


HCU is very versatile and adaptable for all spectators and situations. Artists can perform for large audience groups and for people of all ages coming from different social extraction. For private-public animations, baby showers, birthday and wedding parties, corporate celebrations and team building etc. Read more…


Hiccup Circus Uganda’s direct beneficiaries are audience members of primary and secondary schools, neglected communities, hospitals pediatric wards, youth centres, refugee settlements and people of all ages from different social extraction.

Other direct beneficiaries are the at-risk youth living in slums.

HCU’s indirect beneficiaries are the members of the spectators’ family and Uganda at large upcountry communities.


Audience members are involved by an attractive live free show where the narrative becomes a mirror of the challenges viewers experienced. This engagement offers an opportunity to think, talk and, most importantly, take action. Another engaging “tool” is the Ringmaster who plays a central role, during the presentation of the different numbers composing the show, in keeping the spectators’ attention focused on the educational theme and who frequently interacts with them. Also, an expert is onstage enhancing the direct beneficiaries’ participation with a question & answer session. Additionally, with the guidance of teachers or communities’ leaders, the audience collaboration is reinforced before and/or after the show with some researches, drawings, writing essays, home works and the initiation of clubs or associations devoted to the educational theme.

The youth living in slums – enrolled in the Kasikonda Youth Circus School – are involved, in a non-competitive way, by the artistry thrill and challenging wonder inherent to circus arts training.

Members of the spectators’ family are integrated with the distribution, at the end of the show, of bilingual booklets with all the relevant information about the proposed educational theme. The broad communities are included with the communication and visibility activities as press releases, photos and videos production & distribution, sending electronic newsletters with the website and social media updating.


HCU makes education amazing for students, teachers, caretakers and the communities, inspire future careers and make learning fun. The project wants to develop the capacity of Ugandan youth to continue this work by training them, building networks with longlasting friendships and providing professional instructors,  first-class quality equipment and skills. The result is a personal rehabilitation. It restores and enriches the social fabric and lets youth to talk a language that is part of mainstream society. Circus, just like any other artistic discipline, is an instrument that allows youth to form a relationship, between adolescence and the adult world, by living a different experience  and  building bridges  between these  two  realities. Read more…