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Our involvements with the communities.

Hiccup Circus Uganda’s outreach partners are organizations working with at-risk communities or youth in difficulty. HCU has been showcased in different locations so people can more easily access the  programs… there is no cost so there are no barriers  for  them  to attend the performances  freely.

The Social Circus method change the way persons think, feels, and behaves. It fully captivates and engages the audience, focuses the attention of spectators, and actively involves them in a vivid and exciting experience. The circus show strengthens the emotional and psychological appeal of messages and provides an interesting, entertaining, thrilled, and different way to explore crosscutting social issues. It is this ability to touch emotions that allows our approach to influence behaviors and unlock potentials in ways that traditional  education cannot.




A phantasmagoric free show with a social educational message dedicated to the prevention of tuberculosis meningitis.

The event, a join collaboration among HCU and the Infectious Diseases Institute – Makerere University, was set at the Treasure Life Youth Centre  – Kamwookya – where about 1,000 audience members partecipate.


Raising awareness about paediatrics cancer in Kawempe Division schools.

Cancer is a huge global problem, but by working with civil society groups and others organizations already engaged in these issues it is possible to make a real difference and we are happy to inform that Hiccup Circus Uganda team-up with Kawempe Home Care in raising awareness about cancer in primary schools.


Educational circus shows about cholera prevention and waste management in Namuwongo primary schools.

With the current wet season in Uganda, the capital city didn’t wait long to face another epidemical and as a result of heavy rains the Ministry of Health declared a cholera outbreak in Kampala. 


Circus shows in the alleys and shacks of Kampala.

We brought the seductive and magic appeal of circus that includes an educational message – about avoiding teens pregnancy and stay in school – into a neglected urban landscapes thank to Laura Kibel and Feet Theatre! 

Hiccup Circus Uganda into the “can”!

Kampiringisa is the only juvenile detention facility in Uganda and is falling apart. The conditions are far from adequate but the youngsters have nowhere else to go.


The school that once was.

Lack of funds critically hamstrings the Buganda Road Primary School that is a typical example of the government schools condition in Uganda. It lacks a library, badly needs textbooks and reference materials, and needs critical structural improvements. Even paying the cost of utilities has become a major difficulty.


A circus wedding party for all the children.

SOS Children’s Village is a worldwide, Independent, non-governmental social development organization that has been working to meet the needs and protect the interests and rights of children since 1949.


Community mobilization about Immunization, HIV/AIDS and behavioral changes.

The Kiryandongo Refugee Settlement in Bweyale, Northern Uganda, is a UNHCR managed refugee settlement that provides shelter, land, and support for more than 100,000 people. They are comprised of refugees from Kenya, DR Congo, Rwanda, Burundi, and South Sudan.


Young people with disabilities are marginalized and humiliated by society.

In Uganda there are many cases of disability, which by official estimates set at the 10% of the population. Among the most widespread causes: polio, malaria, bones infections, cerebral paralysis, birth injuries, malnutrition, wounds caused by bombs left in the ground and road accidents.


Kids of Africa Fun Run and Hiccup Circus Uganda… smiles and sweat for a good cause.

How a social circus can help in the construction of a primary school.


Happiness must be cheap… because if it is expensive do not have good quality.

– Roberto Benigni


Our first tournée in Kampala schools.

Hiccup Circus Uganda was really at the beginning but ISP in Africa decided to give us a big chance.


How Hiccup Circus Uganda was born.

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