For venues within Kampala City – inside the northern bypass and Zana roundabout on Entebbe Road – transport costs are included in any services we provide.

We are very flexible in fit-out performances and for best results, we can visit the location site in order to smoothly embed our numbers in the venue context/timetable… propose different options to suit any entertainment needs and adapt our services to the surroundings and environment.

We can pull a multitude of viewers to any public place and spice up marketing campaigns, advertising, brand activation and form consumers’ opinion. We’ll give spectators the chances to talk about your products/services to new clients, friends and other people along with lots of photo/video opportunities as positive memories to share on social media.

In the case of public functions such as festival, customers can rely on our loyal and enthusiastic supporters’ network to attract and retain more people at the event. In Uganda, we have more than 1,500 active email contacts and nearly 5,000 Facebook followers. A win-win dedicated advertising campaign can be easily organized for free as caring out customized notices on HCU’s website, release targeted press statements/newsletters and sharing advertising posts directed to social media groups.

For events with children – up to 50 – we’ll stay longer at the venue. HCU members will amuse kids with 45 minutes extra entertaining activities as simple training in basic circus abilities – juggling, ground acrobatics and pyramids – plus engaging group games as tug of war, ball on spoon rally race, sacks race and dance/chairs contest.