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To our Hiccup Circus Uganda Community,

We are writing updating you on the situation regarding HCU as we try to restart our work amid the Coronavirus crisis. You won’t be surprised to learn the pandemic has had a devastating effect on HCU. The 2020 expansion of our organization has been postponed hopefully at the beginning of next year. All our work, outreach and services, was suspended as fundraising programs have reach zero balance and we have had to cancel all of our events. From March, HCU staffs were put on hold to ensure the future financial viability of our organization.

After several months of hibernation, we are now taking our first steps to safely restart our work as coronavirus cases in the country are few and fortunately up to now, with no reported casualties. We know the request for our activities will be greater than ever and our commitment to meet that demand has never been stronger. We hope to start our shows in the autumn and we are currently looking at ways of safely delivering our educational performances and are in discussion with organizations that support schools in slum communities that need our inputs.

Probably there will be a fundraising event in Italy at the end of August, but we still are in the early organizational stage… we’ll let you know soon. In any case, we have been able to improve and update HCU website adding new pages with information about our work and impacts.

Despite this, we remain committed to delivering safe, free educational circus performance for the most vulnerable people in Uganda. We are confident our wonderful friends, volunteers and followers will continue to support us, and we hope that before long, our incredible performers will be back on stage offering smiles, amusement and education for the ones who need us most.

We look forward to your continued support.

With thanks and best wishes stay safe

The HCU Team



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