On 24th January 2015 Hiccup Circus Uganda, in partnership with Real Medicine Foundation from Los Angeles USA, presented its informative performances that the Panyadoli people had been eagerly awaiting following the posters pinned earlier on at public places in the Kiryandongo Refugee Settlement inviting the community for the event.

The performances were dramatizing two themes: encouraging communities to take children for immunizations and HIV/AIDS prevention. The performances attracted a significant audience of 1,000 people and the performances were so amazing that everybody was laughing a lot.

We have to thank the Real Medicine Foundation that made this possible and allowed us to travel and showcase at the refugee settlement. The audience appreciated the creativity and messages. It will be very good to have this performance again when there are public functions as during World AIDS Day, etc.

The proposed show is entertaining and educational. It was a big success and we’ll love to repeat it offering more performances in different settlements with your help and support.

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