Buganda Road Primary School is a government-aided school that has been operating since 1933… one of the oldest in Kampala. It is a mixed day and boarding school of 2,800 students and 80 teachers. The school is largely familiar and apart from some new structures that were erected reducing on the playing space, not much has changed in many years.

The teaching staff seem to be victims of a public education system that seems to contradict the prosperity message being preached around by the powers that be.

Toilet facilities are in dilapidated and desperate conditions and after being briefed that for a population of 2800 pupils, there were 75 stances/toilets of which only 47 are operational… this gives a ratio of 60 pupils per toilet!

Immagine that Buganda Road Primary School is one of the best among Uganda public education system and this is a call for you to join our effort and help us to bring smiles and education to the many children and youth in need.

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